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Death Valley, CA runner, parched earth.
Mt. Whitney, Hi-Tec 146 (mile) run
misty morning pond
X-Games, Venice Beach, CA
San Francisco Marathon
valley trail runner
tree to green
"Sweat Your Prayers" ecstatic dance
Olympic Marathoner Magdalena Lewy-Boulet
X-Games, SF, CA
bunker shot
hillside trail runner
Dipsea Run
X-Games street luge
Olympic Marathoner Blake Russell
San Francisco Marathon start
GG Bridge beach runner
fog trees runner
mt. top cityscape runner
women runners w. baby stroller
in-line downhill racers, X-Games, Providence, RI
Olympic Marathoner Magdalena Lewy-Boulet
2000 Corporate Challenge Final, NYC
in-line racers, Central Park
middle of the road in-line skater
GG Bridge fog runner
Lombard St., SF, naked runners
Coit Tower, SF naked runner
San Francisco treat